Share Offer Extended until the 14th October!

We aren’t ‘just’ trying to save the village’s last pub, we are trying to re-establish the heart of the community. Our vision is that:

  • The Three Horseshoes will be more than just a pub – it will have become Garsington’s community hub, drawing people together and supporting community cohesion.
  • Residents from all walks of life and all ages will identify it as a place to go any day of the week to meet old friends and make new ones, whether it’s for brunch at the weekends, coffee and cake during the day, a pint at the bar in the evening or out for dinner.
  • We will use the freshest ingredients to create delicious, good value food inspired by the best of British pubs (and we mean fresh – out of the veg plot, rather than the freezer)
  • We support local enterprise by supplying locally sourced drinks and real ales and offering fresh local produce.
  • The atmosphere will be consistently relaxed, welcoming and warm, but also fun. All will be welcome at the Horseshoes – muddy dogs, tired children, wet walkers and sweaty cyclists included

In order to do this, we need to raise money from the community to purchase the Three Horseshoes Public House from Greene King plc so that it can be run for the benefit of the community.

So far over 150 people have pledged to buy shares – a very promising start which demonstrates there is a real enthusiasm in the village for owning our pub ourselves, but we would encourage as many others in the community as are able to, to also purchase shares.

The Share Prospectus which gives the details of the proposal, including how to buy the shares and the necessary forms is now available at:

The share offer runs from 23rd September to 14th October 2019.

Please note cheques and bank transfers are acceptable. The last two pages of the prospectus contain instructions on what to do to buy your shares.

In case you have further questions or need to talk the proposal through with a member of the Management Committee, we have arranged a drop in session at the Village Hall on Saturday 28th September 11.00-13.00.

Please note, if you plan to buy shares but you are not able to do so within this window (e.g. you are away of holiday) or have any other questions then please contact:

We believe that the Three Horseshoes can become the centre of our village. With your help and generosity, we will own a pub that sits at the heart of our community.

106 thoughts on “Share Offer Extended until the 14th October!

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